Most failed EHR software implementations can be traced to one critical mistake – a badly managed selection process. The pattern is painfully familiar: a surprisingly difficult implementation, immediate complaints from your physicians and staff, followed by the sickening realization your new EHR solution does not deliver on your promises.

The stakes are high in EHR.

If you are involved in selecting an EHR for your practice, establishing a water tight selection process is your first (and arguably most important) responsibility. Get it right and you will take a huge step towards improving your practice. Get it wrong and you’ll be faced with months or years of turmoil.

Written by experienced EHR project managers, this free survival guide gives you the 7 proven steps to a successful selection, including:

  • Why requirements gathering is at the heart of every successful EHR selection
  • How to involve practice stakeholders in the process and build a selection team
  • How to analyse a software vendor’s capabilities and ensure the best EHR software is on your shortlist

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The 7 Proven Steps You Should Know About Selecting EHR

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